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Troy's Nursery Reveal <3

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

Today I wanted to share with you all some photos of my new baby's nursery. I definitely won't be scoring points for creativity with this one, as I used pretty much the same theme from Bodie's nursery, but nevertheless, I am SMITTEN with this space.

I was thrilled to work on this room because it was the final frontier in our home: the last unpainted, untouched room we had, and I could not wait to bring it into cohesion with the rest of our home AND create a lovely space for my baby. Troy was not planned, but I didn't want that to mean that his nursery and gear would also be unplanned. I wanted him to have the same level of "welcome to the world" as Bodie, and as a decor lover, one of the ways I feel I can shower love is by creating a beautiful space for my family.

I decided on a few things pretty early on: starting with furniture. I wanted to buy a second glider to match the one in Bodie's room. The denim look is SO darling, but I know that these boys won't need gliders in their rooms forever, so I'm planning on using both of them as a matching set in our living room when they're through with them.

I also made sure the dresser for Troy's room came from the same collection as Bodie's dresser. If they ever have to share a room, their dressers will be cohesive!

I desperately wanted to buy an animal-shaped ottoman for Bodie's nursery, but we needed to be practical with storage, so I purchased a tufted storage ottoman instead. I've loved these styles of ottomans since I was a kid. I remember going furniture shopping with my parents in Toronto to find some new items for the home they were building, and every time I saw a leather animal-shaped ottoman, I tried to convince them to buy it LOL. They never did, but now I have my own! This one was super affordable on Amazon and is going to look adorable in our basement media area when Troy no longer needs it in his room.

The lamp was thrifted while I was pregnant with Troy, but the duck artwork above his dresser was actually a piece I thrifted a few years ago because I thought my husband would like it. We couldn't find room for it in our new basement, so when Hubby saw that I had put it in the new nursery, he was thrilled! Bodie has an actual changing table that works well, but for Troy's space, it made more sense to double up and use the dresser as a changing table. I keep his diapers in the top drawer, and it works out super well.

I thrifted these nursery shelves when I was about four months pregnant with Troy, and it was SUCH a steal. They're really convenient for baby books, and such a cute way to decorate the walls. The little policeman bear figurine was also a cool story because Bodie has an identical one! I had scoured the Internet to try to find one for Troy, but 68 pages into Etsy, Ebay, and Google Shopping later, and I was out of luck.

I gave up on the dream of them having matching police bears until randomly one day I opened my DM's and saw that my friend Bernadine had sent me a photo. She was out thrifting with her kids and saw a bunch of police bear figurines, and sent me a photo of them saying "this reminds me of you!" I had never shared with anyone that I was looking for a matching bear, so I could NOT believe it. I texted her immediately and asked "ARE YOU STILL THERE!? I've been looking for that bear forever!" Everything ended happily because she was STILL at the store and graciously bought it for me as a gift for Baby Troy, and now I think of her and her sweet family whenever I see it. It felt like such a little blessing and gift from God.

Bodie's nursery has gorgeous storybook illustrations of Winnie the Pooh. Peter Rabbit was my backup theme for his room, so I knew exactly what to order for Troy's wall art. I was kind of lazy with this part of the nursery because I ordered the same frames and mats, and hung them in the same place in Troy's room, but I think it adds a level of cohesion to both their rooms.

We keep a little basket of books and toys on the ground next to the glider for Bodie to dig through when we need to be in Troy's nursery. It's a special touch and makes me so happy that Bodie likes to toddle into this room and mess around with things.

The rug was an Amazon purchase to fill the middle of the space, and it has actually been so handy. I bought Bodie a matching white one, and they are both very nice quality.

And finally, the large wall art: duck bums! So so cute in my opinion. I bought some digital files from a photographer on Etsy and then had them printed out poster size from Wallgreens after using 50% off coupons via the Honey Chrome Browser extension. The wall art ended up being extremely affordable and I was pleased because it can be hard to get large affordable art for a space! One of my biggest pet peeves with decor is when people hang up art that is like way too small for a space, leaving too much negative space on the wall. My hack to get around this has been buying digital files of art so that I can print them as large as I want!

And the crib. Wow, I love this crib. I was originally going to buy THE CHEAPEST crib I could find: a little wooden one from Amazon for about $145. You could buy a toddler bed rail for an additional $60, and it seemed like an okay deal. Not great, but I didn't want to spend a lot. However, I began looking around on Wayfair and I saw this crib pop up for $215! It was originally over $600 and I about flipped my laptop over when I found this deal! It came with the toddler bed rail included and ended up being nearly the same amount of money I would have spent on the cheaper crib, but waaaaay nicer quality. It has been so lovely and it's gorgeous. If we have a girl in the future, I think it would look cute in a girl nursery as well!


And there you have it! Troy's nursery. I absolutely adore it and was pleased I could have fun decorating it. I've linked everything I can below! Enjoy!

>>> Dog ottoman I could only find the tan one!

>>> Black crib (they don't make it anymore, but I will link a similar one!)

>>> Rug

>>> Dresser

>>> Duck bum art is no longer available :(

Thank you for reading my dears! I hope you enjoy all your decorating ventures in your own nests!




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