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How To Be Stylish and Cheap

This is the evergreen question for us fashionistas. I'm not just a fashionista, I'm a DUTCH fashionista, which means I have the "save money" gene within my very DNA makeup. I truly believe that even if I had as much money to blow on fashion as Kylie Jenner, I would still choose to be creative with my clothes by thrifting.

About this little ensemble over here:

(This top is from the boys section of an Old Navy circa 2009. The jeans are second hand Levis from Hope's Outlet (a local thrift store) the belt was taken from the "dress-up" clothes collection I played with growing up, and the shoes were bought at a Shoe Carnival in 2017 for $12.00 on clearance.

The hat? Clearance DSW accessories for $12.00.

Not gonna lie, this couch is from college, the framed photo is from Goodwill, and all the pillows are from Hope's Outlet.

And do I look cute? HECK YES I DO. Was this a cheap outfit? HECK YES IT WAS.

So now that you trust that I can look cute on a budget, here are 3 reasons why you should do fashion on the cheap:

It's a Way to Express Creativity

I don't want some designer dictating every piece of my wardrobe. I don't care if Meghan Markle wears J Crew and I should wear J Crew. I don't even care if Madewell has created the perfect "Fall" outfit, complete with a fitted white T and jean culottes, and ALLLL the instagrammers are wearing it. I simply balk at the idea of anyone else putting together my outfit.

Now I have no problem being inspired by a designer or a style, but I refuse to wear clothes straight off a mannequin, from an Instagram influencer, or from the latest designers. I may take that Gucci belt + polka dot ruffled dress trend (that I'm seeing everywhere right now,) and allow it to inspire my look, but I have no desire to go out and buy that EXACT piece. Sorry influencers, I won't be clicking that link to where you got your outfit. I'm gonna go find some pieces for myself.

It's Wise

Fashionistas all know that fashion comes and goes. I'm not a style guru who will buy a Ralph Lauren sweater and wear it for five years because #quality. I WISH I were that girl, but I'm not. I make my own clothes, buy thrift, alter pieces, and have fun with my fashion seasonally and annually. Now a girl like me shouldn't be out there creeping through Banana Republic and J Crew exclusively, because I get bored, and there goes my money down the drain (ya'll that stuff is high end for me)! So for me, knowing myself, it's wiser if I create my own look on the cheap, because I'm going to get sick of a piece after awhile anyways.

You Can Achieve a More Distinct Style

Yes. You read that correctly. Shopping cheaper with thrift, making your own clothes, or altering other pieces to look unique can give you a more distinct style than if you wore off the rack. I'm #antibasic, so you can bet your dollars to doughnuts (#stuffwhitepeoplesay) that I'm going to value having my own look that these other ladies will not be reppin. My style has developed towards a very unique feminine look that I wouldn't be able to achieve simply from shopping the internet or the mall, and as much as I love ya for reading this blog, don't copy my style, just create your own using my methods!

"as much as I love ya for reading this blog, don't copy my style, just create your own using my methods! "


Shop cheap for the majority of your clothes: your bank account will thank you, your brain connections will multiply, and you'll have a unique look that shows the world your personality.


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