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I Am Not a Fashion Blogger

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

I repeat: I am NOT a fashion blogger!

I'm not here to send you links to Target or Amazon. I won't be doing an unboxing of my new DSW shoes. There are so many fashion bloggers in the game already, and they're killin' it. Trust me, I follow some amazing accounts with girls exploring the trend game and inspiring hundreds of others to get creative too. These girls keep me aware of what's going on outside of the Thrift Store LOL!!

So then you may be asking: if you're not a fashion blogger, WHAT ARE YOU!? And to that I say: I am a lifestyle blogger. This lifestyle includes fashion, but in a different way.

My fashion is all about reusing what I own, reusing what other's have owned, and creating new, one-of-a-kind pieces for myself with my sewing machine. I want you to be inspired by the creativity and frugality behind my fashion: not the specific pieces I'm wearing. My style isn't about trends: I focus on the following 3 elements when I choose an outfit:

I've worn this dress to 4 special events in my life. It was bought 2nd hand when I was 17, and I STILL get compliments whenever I wear it.

1. Slow Living

As a homemaker, I have embraced the art of slow living. I am always exploring ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle what I already own. I am striving to slow down the purchase cycle of the products I am using, and figure out how to find peace and contentment with what I already own.

Ladies: I'm not going to lie to you, if I had the means to go out to DSW every month for a new pair of shoes, I would be there before you could say "go girl!" But that is not the life I lead. We are on a budget, and I simply can't afford to be running out to Target for the latest boots or top. Instead, I find myself diving into my closet, reworking pieces, and raiding the bins at Goodwill.

Slow living fits in with feminine homemaking PERFECTLY. It forces you to explore creativity and frugality: two pillars of homemaking. I have the opportunity to be resourceful and creative. There's nothing more fun to me than being scrappy and figuring out how to rework my old pieces into current trends.

2. Long Lasting

I never really buy super trendy clothes. I find myself always carving out a feminine look that leans a little more vintage and kind of eclectic. I'm honestly still figuring out what my style is, so the number one thing I look for in clothing is timelessness. I hope that's the vibe you get. I want to inspire you all to really think about longevity with the pieces you are purchasing for your wardrobe.

I don't even really purge my closet that much unless a piece is broken or doesn't fit me right. Trends and style come back around.

Purge your closet, but also, NO, don't purge your closet. If a piece is simply not trendy right now, hold onto it and bide your time.

I swear, I just pulled out a vest from my closet that I wore religiously in the 10th Grade, and haven't since. I almost purged it two years ago, but didn't in case I wanted to use it for a costume. But you know what? I've worn it multiple times this fall and couldn't be happier.

Longevity doesn't just mean vintage pieces: often it means a piece that you can wear a ton of different ways, or something that is SUPER HIGH quality that won't break down in the washer.

3. Creative Fashion

I try to always have fun with my style. This is what I want for all of you too! I don't want you out here clicking links to sweaters that I own: I want you to learn the elements of how to spot a good sweater or how to rework an old sweater! Let's be creative together.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than reworking old clothes from my closet, altering them, or sewing new styles. When I go towards creating a look, I always think, how can I rework, rewear, and reuse what I currently own, or what others have already owned? How can I rework trends of the past and find new styles and ways to wear them? This is what I hope to inspire in you too: a mind for creativity!


So if you're reading along and following my blog, don't expect to see links to products anytime soon.

Instead, let's dive into femininity and creativity in our fashion: I hope you can find inspiration in the shapes and feel of my feminine style. I want you to learn how to thrift and sew! Creative fashion is satisfying fashion: I want YOU to explore the style and clothing types that work for YOUR body. Be inspired to try new things, wear wacky pieces, and put more color into your outfit.

So no, I'm not a fashion blogger, but YES, I will still be posting fashion! It is all part of my journey as a feminine homemaker.




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