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Let's Talk Cleansing

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

The first three steps of my eight step routine...

This past year I've gotten really into K-Beauty. AS in, Korean Skin Care. There is a classic 8 step routine to follow. The first three steps are all about cleansing! I don't follow it too specifically, but I try to exfoliate, take my makeup off, and wash my face off thoroughly.


The K Beauty Routine suggests exfoliating with a cloth, brush, or simple exfoliation pad a couple times a week or whenever you feel you need to. This step gets rid of old skin that can layer on your face and leave you feeling and looking dull.

Oil Cleanser

This step can be done with a Micellar water substitute, a warm oil cleanse, or any type of smooth makeup-removing cleanse.

Foam Cleanser

This step is all about foaming up the grime on your face and rinsing it off. This cleanse relieves your pores one last time and prepares you for toning, essence, a serum, and more!


It can often be a-lot to do all three of these steps, but just remember that a ton of women don't even take off their makeup at night! Taking off your makeup, exfoliating your skin cells, and relieving your pores can get you ready for the day or the night!


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