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My Makeup, My Diet, & My Workouts

Hello dearest Reader!

I have had SO SO SO many questions lately about my makeup, my diet, and how I work out. Because I will probably not be making a video on these topics anytime soon, I thought I would put it in a blog post, just so you guys can get this info ASAP!

Let's GOOO!


My Makeup

1. Every single makeup item is drugstore or Walmart

Yes: this is the embarrassing truth. As you know, we are on a budget and I am a homemaker, so I like to spend my money on skincare and decorating rather than expensive makeup.

I think this is the reason I've dragged my feet about recommending makeup to you all: these products probably aren't the best out there, and they're really nothing special. BUT, they work for me, so I'll still let you know what they are!

I use the following products, and they are each under $15.00. Enjoy!

2. Some secrets behind my makeup application

I apply foundation minimally as I like to allow my skin to breathe and for my freckles to show! I apply it under my eyes, and around any red spots by my nose or mouth, and of course I conceal my acne.

I always line my lips to make sure they look plump, and only apply eyeliner to my top lid, but always apply mascara to BOTH lower and upper lashes. Finally, I DO dye my eyebrows dark brown. They are naturally blonde.

In 2018 I began to upgrade my makeup application, and I learned it all from this video! Valeria Lipovetsky Daily Makeup Tutorial: ULTIMATE MAKEUP VIDEO Try experimenting on yourself, and above all else, go for a healthy, dewy look.

My Diet

I used to be an emotional eater and had troubles with portion control. I LOVE FOOD. I never ate super unhealthy or processed foods, but I would frequently eat TOO MUCH food for my body. Whenever I wanted to curb this, it was pretty difficult: I tried a sugar-free diet in college, but I found it too restrictive, and I don't like going carb-free either because I like to bake, cook, and eat all the foods!

So what was the solution? CICO!

The CICO diet, which stands for "Calories In, Calories Out," is basically calorie counting under another name. When I lost 15lbs in 2018, I focused on logging my food using the MyPlate app and making sure the math added up to a caloric deficit the majority of my weeks. It took about 6 months to notice a significant change, but it DEFINITELY worked.

I also regularly fast from eating. I don't eat my first meal until about 1pm, and then we have a later dinner around 7pm. I think this is because of Grant's nightshift schedule, but either way, it really works for me. I still feel energized and fresh, and honestly much less hungry.

In total, CICO works because I can still eat what I want, but it just has to be within the limits. I eat cookies, meat, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and whatever else I want. The app will tell you your calorie limits for your height and desired weight, and even provides you the calorie count for different foods: they have a huge database of all sorts of foods.

To this day, I follow CICO. Although I don't track the calories that closely, I still make sure I'm within a reasonable amount. And yes, I still bake, cook, and eat cheese. I just keep it within my energy needs for the day.

My Workouts

I DO NOT enjoy difficult high-intensity workouts. Stay away from me Kayla Itsines!! I hate the pressure, the militant work, and the strain on my body. The same goes for running, and even certain pilates programs. I just HATE it!

So when I decided to begin being more active again, I decided to follow the ABM method: "Always Be Moving." And it really is simple and easy for a homemaker like me: I just make sure that I don't spend the majority of my day sitting! I stand to cook, walk around, and eagerly make extra trips upstairs whenever my husband or I need something.

But when I want an extra boost, I enjoy walking. Yep! Plain old walking. Now you can find me speed-walking through my small town with a podcast and my dog a few times a week.

And you know what? Even though this workout is less "intense" than Tone-It-Up or the Bikini Body Guide, I have noticed MORE weight loss and MORE toning simply because I am more apt to do it often. I enjoy it so much that I don't even really think of it as working out!

For some people, finding a workout you love means signing up for a 5K, joining a fitness class, or yes, even doing the Bikini Body Guide.

But for me, plain old moving around and walking was all I needed to feel good!


There you go! As you can tell, as far as diet and fitness, I am much more focused on my diet than my fitness. When I went skiing for 4 days in February, I was able to glide down the mountain easily, despite not visiting the gym for 3 months: the ABM method really keeps you in shape, but in a less noticeable way.

And as far as my makeup, I like to pay much more attention to my skincare, so if you're noticing you like my skin, it might be because of my skincare, and not necessarily my makeup!

I hope that this post can give you some insight. I definitely wrote this really quickly, so I'm sorry if it was too brief! I just wanted to get it out to you guys ASAP.

Sending love and blessings to you all!




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